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OACDE District Employee of the Year Submission Deadline

It is time again to send in nominations for District Employee of the Year.  The district employee must be a current member of OACDE. 

The member status can be checked by contacting Mari'a Simpson at Cotton County Conservation District

The nomination must be sent to Coleta Bratten at or mailed to Dewey County Conservation District, PO Box 36, Taloga, OK 73667 by December 31, 2018. 

If you have any questions please contact Coleta at 580-328-5366.

Nomination Form

Sue Harper 2000
Diana Ehlers 2001
Fredia Rice 2002
Carolyn Tucker 2003
Rita Niece 2004
Paula Templeton 2005
Iris Imler 2006
Brad Hamilton 2007
Reva Maddux 2008
Jolene Sparks 2009
Coleta Bratten 2010
Becky Inmon 2011
Susan Henning 2012
Bobby Fain 2013
Jo Callison 2014
Nena Wells 2015
Brenda Waltman 2016
Shirley Hudson 2017
Cindy Bierig 2018