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NACD Bylaw Resolution Submission Deadline

The NACD Bylaws also provide that state associations, region boards, national foundation committees, and the executive board may file with the CEO of NACD, at least 30 days prior to the annual meeting of the board, copies of any resolutions those bodies have adopted for consideration by the full board at the annual meeting. The Resolutions Committee will review such resolutions for the purpose of combining similar resolutions and/or rejecting resolutions that are not of national or significant regional scope, are inaccurate or not germane to conservation or district operations, and/or are not submitted in the proper format. The policy development process is described in detail in the attached paper. This briefing paper provides information on what type of resolutions will be considered by the national board, how to prepare resolutions, when to submit them, and how they are handled. In order for a resolution to be presented to the NACD Board, the sponsor(s) must meet the requirements on pages 3-4 of this document. We are requiring the attached Submittal Form be used for all resolutions to ensure background is separated from the actual resolution, the meeting and date the resolution was adopted by the sponsor are provided, and an authorized signature is given. Although the deadline for submitting resolutions for the 2019 Annual Meeting is December 31, 2018, we’d greatly appreciate your submissions as early as possible. As in past years, only those associations whose annual meetings are held in January will be able to submit resolutions later if done so promptly.

Send all bylaws amendments and resolutions to or mail to NACD, PO Box 621147, Littleton CO 80162-1147.

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